Thursday, October 7, 2010


assalamualaikum.. wow, its really been awhile since i update this blog.. haha.. dh berabuk, bersawang pe sumer dh asenyer.. suddenly feel like updating dis blog back, coz this is the only place i can release all my tense... haha.. since this blog is not a public and also not a private space, which means it is a semi-private space, so i thnk its the best way to shout!!! so, feel free to drop by and read.. =)
sgale aduan, sila letakkan kedalam kotak aduan.. Terima Kasih.. =)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

progression on 1st project

salam.. huhu.. senanyer, sje je nk 2njuk kt korg pe yg kitorg dh wt dlm the first two weeks nie.. actually, the project is about designing a playwood structure, more like a playground, but just a single structure.. so, dun wan to talk about other design, i wan to show mine 1st... feel free to comment.. bdw, nie bru 1st crit session.. akn de lg session laen.. next week ak post ag bout the final submission 4 the project.. k, salam